About Us

Can you imagine what happens when two sisters just 20 months apart, have a conversation about their very diverse passions over a family dinner?
A business is birthed and a label is born.

For years, their lives were intertwined through everything but their passions. Yet all the while, they were headed towards a distinct and unusual partnership.

Jointly inspired by the Goddess Venus and all that she stands for, Himani And Anjali collaborated to build their brand, Himani & Anjali Shah in 2014. As Venus embodied love and beauty, so too was Himani & Anjali Shah created with a vision to indulge the female body in everything exquisite. If there is one thing the two sisters ardently agree on, it is a mission to ensure their female clientele feel every bit dazzling, classy, sophisticated and feminine. 

The younger of the two, Anjali, pursued her degree in fashion from BD Somani and soon after worked with high-end designers from the industry. Himani, on the other hand, finished her Masters in International Business from San Francisco only to move back to India and work on a start-up.
Equipped with the best of both worlds, these two sisters are set to change trends.

Their couture label, Himani And Anjali Shah, was introduced first and foremost as a breath of fresh air for brides in their most crucial hour. Each piece is handcrafted and customized with exceptional attention to detail. Their designs are unique and elusive, yet telling an untold story with every stitch.